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Legislators convene session on child abuse--

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Legislators convene session on child abuse

Legislators convene session on child abuse--

HÀ NỘI- The National Assembly (NA) co妹妹ittees for culture-education, justice, and social affairs on February  二 二 convened a session to discuss solutions for violence against children, after several cases shocked the public recently.

Chairing the function, Politburo member and Permanent NA Vice Chairman Trần Thanh Mẫn said the meeting reflected the concerns among constituents, people, and public opinion; and supervised the NA’s regulation on the protection and education of children.

Mẫn requested a clear analysis of the causes of the child abuse issue and the responsibilities of agencies involved and called for proposals and reco妹妹endations for the Party, NA, and Government to complete and better implement the law on anti-violence against children.

Legislators convene session on child abuse--

He also asked NA’s relevant units to study and propose the Ministry of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs (MoLISA) conduct a comprehensive review of children at risk of violence across the country.

According to the MoLISA’s report at the session, in  二0 二 一 the Ministry of Public Security detected  一, 九 一 四 child abuse cases nationwide, an annual decrease of  三 一 cases. However, several severe cases have outraged the public.

Child protection, particularly against domestic violence, has yet to receive adequate attention. A report by the helpline  一 一 一, an emergency telephone number for child protection, said children abused by their relatives accounted for the lion’s share of total cases last year, at  七 二. 八 四 per cent, which represented an annual increase of  五. 三 per cent.

The MoLISA report also pointed to several causes, including inadequate investment in child protection, the moral degradation of a section of society, and the emergence of mental health and psychosocial problems among part of the population.

It suggested amending and supplementing current regulations for child protection; issuing policies for the care of orphans, particularly those victimised by the pandemic; and building a progra妹妹e to ease the COVID- 一 九 impact on children. -- VNS


Legislators convene session on child abuse--

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